Lori Raupe

Lori was recognized as an Author of Influence by The Connected Women of Influence in 2020 and she has also received The Presidential Medal for Volunteerism (2020 and 2021) for helping children around the world.

Some have asked her, what gives her joy after all of the devastating losses she has suffered in her life…

Her response is… “I remember a very dark time, it was shortly after My Jenna’s accident. I kept hearing my dad’s voice tell me, ‘Lori, you are going to help so many people through this experience.’ It became my purpose, and when you find your God given purpose you also find joy in helping others.

So, simply explained, Lori is living out her legacy!

She finds purpose in modeling the values she holds dear and helping women…

Find beauty from ashes, overcoming loss and difficult circumstances. Create Author-ity and a legacy through books. Live a purposeful life and achieve their heart’s desires. Give to help kids who desperately need someone's help. Understand leadership and becoming a more effective leader. Make a difference through a life of significance.

Lori’s inspirational story has impacted many lives, but one thing was missing…she knew for over 35 years she needed to write a book. So to honor the memory her precious Jenna, she wrote Create Butterfly Moments, Become the Person You Were Meant to Be. It went International Best Selling in 8 countries and 9 categories on Amazon.com within two hours of her launch…. It honored Jenna in a beautiful way and continues to help make an impact.